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R125 Sorterfor grape and cherry tomato

Stainless steel

2-12 lines -16 outputs

1600 fruits/min per line

Heavy duty

R125 Sorter (grape and cherry tomato)


Its design allows efficient automatic sorting of different sizes and colors. Each fruit is singulated on matte black rollers to allow the correct arrangement of the fruit to be entered into the cameras area, then a mechanical system will take care of the distribution at each outlet with a gentle movement with the fruit. The R125 sorter works at an average speed of 1,600 carriers/minute per line. It is equipped with the SICARO vision system.

SICAROVision system

System-CAlibration-ROchin (SICARO) is a software developed for the post-harvest industry, capable of recognizing different properties from fruits and vegetables. Using cameras and other sensors, distinguishes different colors, sizes, and shapes. 

SICARO can work for 12 parallel lines up to velocities of 30 pieces per second. This software merges on top of industrial equipment to control the flux using actuators to channel product to their correspondent exit. It also generates reports for inspection, performance and velocity from the production lines, valuable information for the planification and evaluation of the working day, and also to evaluate the distributor that provides the product to be sorted.

R125 Sorter (grape and cherry tomato)


    • Stailess steel
    • Mild steel
    • H1 automatic lubrication (food grade)

Power Requirements

  • 220V/3F/60HZ + PE
  • 440V/3F/60HZ + PE
  • 600V/3PH/60HZ + PE

Carrier specs

  • Ø 1-1/16”
  • CHAIN PITCH 1-1/4″


  • Recycle conveyor
  • Outlet conveyor
  • Treatment line
  • Roller cleaning system

Aspects to grade

  • Color
  • Size


  • Modular structure that allows expansion in the future if required
  • Much more accurate and faster than manual selection
  • Reduces labor and increases selection performance
  • It can be adapted to meet users needs according to the market
  • Manufactured with materials to guarantee compliance with food safety standards
  • Complete production reports.

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