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Live RollerConveyor

Stainless steel

Heavy duty

Live Rollers Curve


Live rollers curve uses the rotatory movement to convey products. This machine is a cheap solution to different applications in a wide range of industries. Transportation, palletizing, storage and distribution of products are some of the need covered by this equipment. Live rollers curve are used specifically to change the path of the products travelling above the machine, allowing to obtain an optimal distribution.

  • Live rollers curve is a versatile machine that can be configured in different angles to fit better the application.
  • This machine is ideal for box handling of different sizes, with a silent operation and easy to install and maintain.
  • Speed and capacity of this machine can be controlled with a VFD
  • Chassis can be ordered in powder coated mild steel or stainless steel. Rollers are galvanized with 1-7/8” diameter.

Live Rollers Curve

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