- Motor control center equipment

Motor ControlCenter (MCC)

Motor Control Center


This solution includes all electrical components needed to start running a line. Industrial control panels (ICP) manufactured by Rochin are UL 508a certified, this means it is NEC compliant. Manual and automatic options are available, HMI and SCADA can be included


SCADA System

This system is designed to provide all the control and feedback needed in a packing line. It allows to run and stop whole line and single motors, control speeds and acceleration ramps. It also gives the ability to control illumination, monitor e-stops and amperage consumption as well as faults. All this information is registered to have reports available.


Remote Assistance System

When there is automation integrated, a remote assistance system can be added, with this our engineers can access to the system on demand f rom anywhere in the world through internet with a VPN. With a secure encrypted connection to the PLC, it is possible to real time monitor a running system, diagnose and solve problems or do changes to the line behaviour remotely, keeping the system always ready to go.

Motor Control Center


  • UL 50BA certified (NEC compliant)
  • Different enclosure ratings available
  • Stainless and mild steel
  • Manual and automatic options


  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • PVC

Power Requirements

  • 110V/1F/60Hz
  • 220V/1F/60Hz
  • 220V/3F/60Hz
  • 440V/3F/60Hz
  • 480V/3F/60Hz
  • 600V/3F/60Hz

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