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Even FlowConveyor

Even Flow Conveyor


This Even-flow conveyor takes an irregular input of fruit and accumulate it, for this it has a mobile side that goes down to make room for the fruit and then deliver a constant and continuous output.

  • This machine is a combination of a reception belt and a fruit conveyor.
  • It accumulates fruit to avoid stops when there is a cut in the infeed.
  • Initial position of this equipment is flat, as the fruit starts to flow it gets inclined by lowering and raising the input side of the belt, this makes room for the fruit to be accumulated. While the fruit goes out the belt, the machine recovers its initial flat position.
  • Its sensors make the machine adjustable to reach the levels desired.
  • A VFD can be used to regulate speeds.

Even Flow Conveyor


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  • Fruit accumulation helps to prevent stops caused by overflow in the infeed.
  • It reduces stops, if the infeed flow is cut rest of the line can work with accumulated fruit.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to do
  • Design adaptable to customer needs.


    • Stainless steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Mild steel


  • Widths 36”, 48”, 60”
  • Lenghts 10’

Power Requirements

  • 220V/3F/60HZ
  • 440V/3F/60HZ

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