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Control Room


Control room is a light constructed cubicle, usually at a high position to have a better view of different zones in the packing line. Its main purpose is to have all the line controls and indicators in a central point, also to give protection to certain equipment like monitors or computers.

  • Normally a control room is recommended when there is a sizer or specialized equipment that requires more than an industrial HMI to be controlled. It is also recommended when monitoring is a requirement.
  • Control rooms are usually placed in a strategically selected location to have a good spot to monitor the line both by computers and by eye.
  • Its construction can be done in structural insulated panel or aluminum stave. Both options can have windows and one or more access doors.
  • To access to the control room ladders and catwalks are configured to be connected to the most important zones like camera chamber or electrical panel.

Control Room


  • Modular structure, allows to add or modify construction if necessary.
  • It can be adapted to each customer needs.
  • Can be placed and almost any place in the plant.
  • Can be placed above other machines to save space.


  • Air conditioner.
  • Power outlets and lights.


    • Stainless steel
    • Mild steel
    • Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)
    • Aluminum Stave



    • 3 meters X 3 meters X 2.40 meters

    • 6 meters X 6 meters X 2.40 meters

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