High performance vision system

Spectrim is the most powerful optical sorting platform ever offered to the industry. The brief: design and manufacture a sorting platform which delivers superior performance, usability and a continuously upgradable platform for the produce industry.

A Spectrim retrofit allows your packhouse to receive the benefits of the world’s best grading platform without the capital outlay of replacing your whole packing line.

Inspectra2 NIR platform has breakthrough production performance, delivering high accuracy on internal quality without the operational overhead of traditional systems.


InVision2 is Compac’s next-generation sorting solution for consistent and accurate cherry grading with maximum line efficiency. InVision2 with TotalView delivers the industry’s best view of each cherry and enables 100% inspection of each cherry’s surface to find defects in the critical stem bowl and nose areas of the fruit.


The UltraView inspection module significantly improves detection of difficult defects located in the stem bowl and tip areas of the fruit.  UltraView integrates with Spectrim to increase line efficiency and eliminate slow-downs that can occur when packing lots with a high incidence of defects. UltraView continues to reduce the need for manual grading on the line, and supports the adoption of pack automation solutions.

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